Board Meetings

The Board of Managers for the District is comprised of six members. Two members are chosen by the Smith County Commissioners Court; two are chosen jointly by the cities in Smith County; one is chosen by the local fire departments; one is chosen as a non-voting member representing the largest phone company in the district. Regularly scheduled board meetings take place on the third Wednesday of every month beginning at 10:00 A.M. here at our office (see map lower right corner). Occasionally, the Board will hold additional meetings as needed. The public is welcome to all board meetings.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice
Individuals with disabilities are entitled to have access to and participate in SC911 public meetings. An individual requiring special assistance or accommodations for access to the meeting must notify the Smith County 9-1-1 Communications District at (903) 566-8911 in advanced so accommodations can be made.

Board of Directors

Left to Right – Bobby Garmon, Jerry Shamburger, Johnny Brown, Ron Shaffer, Gene Cottle.

Representing the Smith  County Commissioners Court
• Jerry Shamburger – Vice Chairman
• Bobby Garmon – Member

Representing the Cities of Smith County
• Gene Cottle – Chairman
• Ron Shaffer – Secretary/Treasurer

Representing the Smith County Fire Departments
• Johnny Brown – Member

Representing AT&T
• Fred Cowden – Member